Bikini Contest Info

H2O Gear Bikini Contest

A bikini contest is where the G-strings, thongs, and teeny triangle cups go to duke it out. Kik Ass H2O Gear is starting up with the hottest women around competing in a bikini contest for a GRAND PRIZE of $500.00.

How To Enter The Bikini Contests

  • To enter online download and fill out a Photo Release and email it in with a Bikini Picture. Photo Release
  • You can email the form and picture to:

Who Can Win a Bikini Contest?

The easy answer? The hottest girl online! Who decides who makes the online crowd sizzle with a glance from beneath her wavy, voluminous beach hair? What makes a girl win the title of, “The Hottest Girl online”?

Confidence is the biggest factor. Keep reading to find out more about how to get the look that goes with it, and in turn, the look that may give you the confidence that wins you $500.00.

If You Want to Win

Here are a few things that can help you and your bikini stand out among the other participants:

  • The more skin you bare, the better. It bikini contest.
  • Heels make your legs look sexier. They’ll look longer, leaner, and generally more toned in high heels.
  • Smile! Look happy, approachable, and beautiful by showing off a genuine smile.
  • Work on your tan. You don’t have to tan on the beach or in tanning beds to win. Sunless tanners and bronzer’s work well, too.
  • Work out. This is another one that goes without saying! You have to look phenomenal in that two-piece swimsuit to win. For makeup, wear a light bronze smoky eye and nude lips. A peachy-pink blush and true brown bronzer combination is perfect for your skin.
  • Hair should look natural, but with lots of volume. Play up your natural texture.

If You Just Want to Watch

You can see the winners of our bikini contest online right here., but if you want to watch a contest in person, you’ll have to go to the places where they host them. Thanks to the Internet, you can also visit YouTube and watch these contests at your leisure.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to bikini contests, watching’s easy. If you want to enter, strut your stuff and win, you’re going to have to prepare. Practice your pose in your sexiest heels in a color that looks hot with your most tantalizing bikini. Do a run-through with your hair and a practice run with your smoky eyes and seductively nude lips.

Work on your tan and your come-hither grin. Build your confidence up to indestructible levels, and you’ll stand a good chance at winning the contest, the Hottest Girl online.

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